One of the most common restorative treatments performed in general dentistry is cavity repair. When a tooth has been weakened by oral bacteria, damaged material must be removed and replaced. Throughout history, a number of different materials have been developed into a solution for cavities. Today, there are various aspects to consider when choosing which is right for you.

We all like the idea of affordable dental fillings. What this really means to our patients from Bloomington, IL may be different than what seems obvious. Affordable does not only mean initial cost. In the instance that the most “affordable” restoration lasted only a short time before requiring further treatment, the long term cost of tooth repair would no longer be something to smile about. When choosing the best material for tooth repair, also think of how long that restoration will last.

Options to consider

Gold has been used in dental treatments for hundreds of years. This ancient material is incredibly durable, so much so that many gold restorations have remained intact throughout a person’s entire life. Gold is very gentle to natural tooth material though, at the same time, able to withstand the heavy pressure of biting and chewing. The material itself is not only durable, but it also builds durability in the repaired tooth through the achievement of tightly closed margins around the restoration. When judging the potential of other dental materials, gold has been used as the baseline to set the top standard.

Many people worry that gold fillings would be too obvious in the smile. The truth is this material remains its original color throughout its life, unlike an amalgam filling that will darken over time. Cosmetic fillings, however, are another option for successful cavity repair.

Cosmetic dental fillings are those fabricated from a material like composite resin. This pliable mixture of plastic and glass can be placed directly into the cavity, precisely shaped, and immediately cured with a special light. Composite resin is shaded to match existing tooth material for the most natural looking restoration. Even more importantly, this material, like gold, fortifies the weakened tooth structure to withstand the force of biting and chewing.

When a tooth needs to be repaired, there are options that are best suited to your needs. Dr. Milligan is committed to helping you find your ideal solution. Call Eastland Dental Center for your consultation today.

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