By and large, one of the most common dental concerns is cavity development. A cavity is an area of damage sustained as a result of oral bacteria. These microorganisms live in the mouth and feed on “leftovers,” tiny particles of food debris and sugar residue. The result of their feasting is acidic byproduct, which sits on teeth and weakens enamel.

Dental restorations for cavities are based on the amount of tooth structure involved. Smaller cavities are repaired with fillings. For over a century, fillings have been made from dental amalgam. Although gold is still an option for the repair of tooth decay, many people want the best cosmetic solution available. At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, patients are provided details of each of their treatment options so that they may choose what best suits their needs.

One of the best options for those who want to preserve their natural smile aesthetic is composite resin fillings. These cosmetic dental fillings are shaded to match existing tooth enamel, and are bonded to natural tooth material as the final step in repair. This type of restoration makes sense aesthetically, of course, but there is more to composite resin than meets the eye.

In addition to preserving the natural look of the repaired tooth, composite resin dental fillings are also a great option for fortifying the repaired tooth, actually giving it back some of the strength it had lost with its cavity. In the same way that composite resembles natural enamel in appearance, this material is also similar in the way it responds to hot and cold temperatures. The fact that filling material will expand and contract with various degrees is important because, if the material is too unlike natural enamel, it will move at a pace that puts the natural tooth at risk for fracture. The way that composite resin responds to hot and cold temperatures is so much like enamel that there is very minimal risk of fracture due to the restoration.

Dental problems like cavities are unattractive and painful. There is no need to settle for unattractive restorations, either. Dr. Milligan has extensive knowledge of composite resin and other filling materials. With outstanding restorative care and careful choice in material, a repaired tooth does not have to cost you your naturally beautiful smile.

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