You have likely heard the term cosmetic dentistry many times, and have wondered what could be done to enhance the look of your smile. Dr. Mike Milligan and the dental team at Eastland Dental Center are here to show you exactly how you can get the kind of smile that you feel most confident with. Our menu of services encompasses the various cosmetic problems that people may face, including misalignment, chipped or cracked teeth, and discoloration. The smile can even be wonderfully restored after the loss of natural teeth. If you are considering the advantages of a cosmetic dental makeover, we invite you to our office in Bloomington, IL for a comprehensive consultation.

A smile makeover does not necessarily mean that every tooth that shows in your smile is transformed. Many people find that effective teeth whitening dramatically improves the entire smile. This is the entire goal of cosmetic dentistry, and the reason that cosmetic dental treatments are all about the individual patient, from beginning to end.

Your dentist does not dictate the cosmetic treatments you will benefit from, you do. Before you visit your dentist for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, it pays to analyze your smile on your own. Look into the mirror and really notice the details about your smile that you would like to change, as well as those aspects that you like. Consider an overall image of how you would like your smile to look. If you have pictures of a person whose smile you admire, bring it with you to your consultation. The information you provide during your initial meeting with your dentist drives the entire process.

Dr. Milligan carefully listens to patients describe their ideal smile, and the issues that concern them. He is then able to discuss the various options for making improvements. Like any cosmetic procedure, realistic expectations are important to a satisfactory outcome. When your dentist explains details of treatment to you, a clear idea of what can be expected will be described. You may also get a clearer picture of the dramatic transformation possible with cosmetic dentistry by browsing our smile gallery.

Get your dream smile. Contact Eastland Dental Center for your consultation.

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