Everyone wants a bright, white smile that they can be proud of. Understanding the activities and things we do that can discolor our teeth is a great way to prevent future staining after we’ve had cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, performed on our smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on ensuring you have a beautiful smile, and by taking certain steps to protect your teeth, you can continue to enjoy that same smile for years to come!

Teeth are oftentimes discolored by items that we eat, drink, or use in our mouth. For example, certain foods and drinks, such as coffees, wines, and sodas, will stain the enamel of your teeth over time when not properly brushed or flossed after consumption. Individuals that smoke cigarettes and chew tobacco will also find that their teeth may become stained and discolored faster and easier than those who do not.

Certain medications may also cause your teeth to discolor. Drugs for psychiatric treatments, high blood pressure, and allergies may cause teeth discoloration with use over time, and certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline, that are given to individuals in their youth may later cause discoloration.

Genetics also play a part in how white your teeth will be as an adult. Genetics will determine how bright your teeth will be and how thick your enamel is. If you have thicker enamel on your teeth, they will be less susceptible to staining than those with thinner enamel.

If you have struggled with keeping your teeth white and bright, it might be time to talk to a dentist to find out what you can do to enjoy the beautiful, white smile you want and deserve. Cosmetic dentistry can help! Call Dr. Milligan of Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out how cosmetic dentistry can help improve the way you look and feel about your oral health!

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