In our ideal image of ourselves, we may not see something like a dingy smile. In reality, tooth discoloration is something that most adults deal with at some point in time. Teeth are porous, which allows microscopic particles from foods and beverages to seep into the enamel rather than pass over the surface. As such, deposits build up over time and cause the brightness of teeth to fade into a dull, yellow hue. Discoloration is not something we can completely avoid. With cosmetic whitening treatment from your Bloomington, IL dentist, you can keep your smile – and your life – brighter.

Achieve desired results with ease

Teeth whitening has become so common that many people try to do the job themselves. This seems easy enough when you see the variety of whitening products on the shelves of your local retailer. Commercial whitening kits, pastes, strips, and more do look very convenient and affordable. The problem is that none of these treatments can be tailored to your exact needs. The perception that a store-bought whitening product will be able to achieve the desired outcome is, for most people, inaccurate.

There is no reason for patients of Eastland Dental Center to strive endlessly for a brighter, healthier looking smile. Dr. Milligan is trained and experienced in both the Zoom! whitening system and the KöR whitening process.

Zoom! is the in-office procedure that lifts the smile by as much as 16 shades in about an hour. During this appointment, the lips and gums are protected and whitening gel is applied to the teeth. This bleach solution is activated by a special light, which shines on the teeth for a few minutes before the whitening gel is removed. This process may be repeated up to three times to achieve the most dramatic results.

KöR is the home whitening treatment of choice due to its formulation to decrease sensitivity. Applied daily in custom-fitted whitening trays, the KöR solution breaks down stains with efficiency, elevating the smile to new heights one day at a time. In about ten days, most people see they improvement they set out to achieve.

Teeth whitening should be and can be customized to your needs. Call Eastland Dental Center at (309) 663-4711 to brighten your smile.

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