Dental crowns and bridges have been a part of dentistry for more than a century. We have heard them so often referred to in the same category that many people confuse them. In fact, there are significant differences between the two treatments, right down to their very function.

The purpose of a crown is to protect a natural tooth that has been damaged or weakened. Placed over the tooth structure similar to putting a thimble over your finger, the crown absorbs much of the pressure of biting and therefore provides strength and protection for the tooth.

Dental bridges used in our Bloomington, IL practice are intended for tooth replacement. The reason we hear of crowns and bridges in the same conversations is that fixed bridges are designed with two dental crowns and an artificial tooth called a pontic.

To fit a fixed dental bridge, the teeth on each side of the space are shaped to make room for dental crowns. Impressions are taken of these teeth and a model of the dentition is sent to a dental laboratory. In the lab, crowns and an artificial tooth are fabricated from durable dental materials. The artificial tooth is fused to the crowns so that the bridge is sent to our office as a singular unit. The bridge is placed by affixing the two crowns to their “anchor” teeth. The artificial tooth will sit on top of the gums, filling the space of a missing tooth.

A dental bridge provides a viable solution for a missing tooth or teeth. In many cases, the teeth that are fitted with dental crowns also benefit from the additional protection. When teeth that would be fitted with crowns are in excellent condition, however, the placement of a bridge may not be the best solution. In such instances, tooth replacement with a dental implant may be most suitable.

Dr. Milligan has been attending to the dental needs of his various patients for many years. One of the goals of Eastland Dental Center is to preserve oral health through preventive care. When restoration is needed, we work as conservatively as possible to address the problem at hand and get our patient back to his or her best smile. Tooth replacement is no different. Patients are given information regarding their options and are treated with an excellent standard of care.

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