There are many reasons you may have a weakened tooth that needs a dental crown, Bloomington IL dentistry, Eastland Dental Center, is noted for placing perfect restorations. If you have a tooth that is not structurally sound due to a root canal treatment, lost fillings, chips, cracks, or broken from trauma, a dental crown may save your tooth. However, placement of a crown does require that the tooth root be intact.

Crowns are a restoration that gives your tooth stability, functionality, and durability in a very aesthetic manner. They are a tooth shaped “cap” that is slipped over the remaining solid tooth structure, covering all surfaces of the tooth. They can provide both protection and beauty at the same time.

After you have an examination, you and the doctor will discuss your treatment plan. Local anesthesia will be given and when you are comfortably numbed, your tooth will be prepared for the crown. All decay and weak spots will be removed, and then the remaining structure is shaped. An impression is taken and sent to a laboratory for the creation of the crown. Your doctor will fit you with a temporary crown for your comfort and the protection of the prepared tooth. You will then return in two or three weeks for placement of the permanent crown.

During your second visit, the doctor will gently remove the temporary crown. The tooth will be cleaned to ensure solid bonding with the permanent crown. The new restoration is then bonded into place.

The length of time a crown will last largely depends on the patient. Foremost, always maintain your regular check-ups and professional cleanings as recommended by your doctor. Crowns require excellent oral hygiene, the same as the rest of your teeth. Extra attention should be paid to the base of the crown while brushing and flossing to prevent decay from attacking the roots of the tooth. Eat a tooth friendly diet, avoiding crunching on ice or other hard substances, and refrain from opening bottles or packages with your teeth. If they are given excellent care, dental crowns can be expected to last ten to fifteen years or longer.

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