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Dental Crowns Procedure in Bloomington, IL

How Durable is the Dental Crowns Procedure in Bloomington IL Area

Dental crowns are a common way to repair broken teeth. Still, people have questions about having this procedure done. At Eastland Dental Center, our dentists provide patients with the highest level of dental care. When you’re searching for a dentist for crowns in Bloomington, IL, Dr. Mike Milligan, and Dr. Marisa Milligan are the team to call on. Their focus is on your total oral health.

Crowns are a good treatment option if a tooth has fractured, has large encompassing decay or even for aesthetic purposes. During the procedure, the tooth will be prepared, made healthy and shaped to make room for the crown. A crown provides a covering over the tooth structure. It will look and function like your other teeth.

Do Dental Crowns Last Forever?

Crowns will last a very long time if well taken care of. Good home care and regular cleanings are necessary for upkeep on crowns. Crowns may need to be replaced after some time. There are several common reasons that crowns need to be replaced. One is that the crown gets cracked. This can happen when there are impacts to the tooth. Another reason is tooth decay of the remaining portion of the tooth underneath the crown. As we age, you may find that your gums recede, or the natural teeth may become darker. This can lead to having the crown changed. With proper care, however, the crown itself can last for many years.

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What Happens if a Crown Falls Off?

If your dental crown falls off, don’t worry. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to have it put back in place. Sometimes the same crown can be put on as long as the underlying tooth is healthy and the crown has not been damaged. Other times the crown may need to be replaced.

At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, our dentists, and their team are ready to help keep your smile healthy. If you need a crown, they will provide you with the highest quality care. Keep your smile bright and your mouth healthy. Give us a call today at (309) 663-4711 to schedule an appointment.

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Eastland Dental Center

Eastland Dental Center is owned and operated by the father-daughter duo, Dr. Mike Milligan and Dr. Marisa Milligan.

Dr. Mike completed his doctor of dental medicine degree from Southern Illinois University in 1978. Dr. Marisa completed her doctor of dental medicine degree from Midwestern University in 2015. Both doctors have logged hundreds of hours of continuing education to stay on top of the latest technologies in dentistry as well as the most current research on the oral-systemic, mouth-body connection to benefit their patients. Dr. Mike and Dr. Marisa are active members and in excellent standing with the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, McLean County Dental Association, American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, and numerous other societies.

Both doctors are avid golfers and have won several national golf tournaments over the years. They are the only father-daughter team in the state to have won the Illinois State Amateur Golf Championship. Dr. Mike in 1974 and Dr. Marisa in 2005.

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