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Dental Crowns Procedure in Bloomington, IL

How Durable is the Dental Crowns Procedure in Bloomington IL Area

Dental crowns are a common way to repair broken teeth. Still, people have questions about having this procedure done. At Eastland Dental Center, our dentists provide patients with the highest level of dental care. When you’re searching for a dentist for crowns in Bloomington, IL, Dr. Mike Milligan, and Dr. Marisa Milligan are the team to call on. Their focus is on your total oral health. Crowns are a good treatment option if a tooth has fractured, has large encompassing decay or even for aesthetic purposes. During the procedure, the tooth will be prepared, made healthy and shaped to make … Continue reading

Dentist in Bloomington, IL describes the procedure for placement of dental crowns

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Bloomington IL area

When patients in the Bloomington, IL area need restorative dental care, they may not be aware of the many procedures that are done at Eastland Dental Center. Drs. Mike and Marisa Milligan are pleased to offer patients solutions that are best suited for their specific needs. In many cases, patients may ask about a procedure that can restore and even strengthen a natural tooth, such as the placement of a common option called a dental crown. What is a dental crown? Patients who visit the team at Eastland Dental Center in need of restorative care will be evaluated and all … Continue reading

Patients in Bloomington, IL ask about the process of placing dental crowns

Dental crowns in bloomington il

At Eastland Dental Center, our professionals are faced with many different dental situations in our practice. Patients in Bloomington, IL and Normal, IL often visit us with concerns about restoring their smiles. A common restoration used in our practice is dental crowns. They play a significant role in dentistry and are commonly used to address a variety of issues. What is a dental crown? Often, a dental crown is placed to offer a layer of protection for a weakened tooth. Sometimes, they act as a false tooth when used over a dental implant. We use ceramics to fabricate our dental … Continue reading

Instances in which the dental crowns procedure may be warranted in our Bloomington area practice

The goal of dentistry is first to preserve oral health through preventative care, including regular examinations and cleanings. It is important to develop a strong working relationship with a dentist you trust, as this leads to a greater commitment to regular dental visits. Dr. Milligan has practiced dentistry for many years, and makes patients comfortable when providing necessary dental treatment. When a tooth has been damaged, we may discuss the option of repair with a dental crown. This restoration may be crafted from various materials, including gold, metal alloy, porcelain, or zirconium oxide. Dental crowns are completed in a two-part … Continue reading

Crowns and bridges; the best options for restoring teeth in Bloomington

When a tooth has sustained extensive damage from an untreated cavity or trauma, the health of the root is an important factor in determining how the tooth should be restored. In a case where the root is healthy but the tooth has too much damage to be repaired with a dental filling, a crown can preserve and restore the tooth. When the tooth root has also been damaged the tooth has to be extracted, a fixed dental bridge can be used to restore the tooth and protect your oral health. Dental Crown The purpose of a dental crown is to … Continue reading

Get Perfect Dental Crowns in Bloomington IL

There are many reasons you may have a weakened tooth that needs a dental crown, Bloomington IL dentistry, Eastland Dental Center, is noted for placing perfect restorations. If you have a tooth that is not structurally sound due to a root canal treatment, lost fillings, chips, cracks, or broken from trauma, a dental crown may save your tooth. However, placement of a crown does require that the tooth root be intact. Crowns are a restoration that gives your tooth stability, functionality, and durability in a very aesthetic manner. They are a tooth shaped “cap” that is slipped over the remaining … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between a Crown and a Bridge?

Dr. Milligan of Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington has been providing high quality crowns and bridges for over 25 years. He knows the best treatment options available for each specific patient need, and is able to decide when it is best to utilize crowns and bridges for his patients. While these are both restorative treatments, many wonder what the difference is between a crown and a bridge. A crown is a laboratory-fabricated restoration that is used to cover and protect the top of a tooth. It is like a thimble over your finger, and holds a weakened tooth together, sealing … Continue reading

Dental crowns from your dentist near Normal designed to suit your needs

Your dentist’s goal when providing preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments is to help you retain your natural teeth as long as possible. The loss of natural teeth is something that can have a detrimental effect on oral health, as well as the look of your smile. Without a full set of teeth, it may become difficult to chew food properly, causing stress on the digestive system. Missing teeth can also affect speech, making it difficult to communicate as clearly as you would like. Gaps left after the loss of teeth can encourage bacterial activity, increasing the risk of gum disease. … Continue reading

How dental bridges from your Bloomington, IL dentist differ from crowns

Dental crowns and bridges have been a part of dentistry for more than a century. We have heard them so often referred to in the same category that many people confuse them. In fact, there are significant differences between the two treatments, right down to their very function. The purpose of a crown is to protect a natural tooth that has been damaged or weakened. Placed over the tooth structure similar to putting a thimble over your finger, the crown absorbs much of the pressure of biting and therefore provides strength and protection for the tooth. Dental bridges used in … Continue reading

Restore your smile after root canal therapy with crown treatment in our Bloomington, IL office

Our teeth may be the best part of our smile, but they are meant for so much more than esthetics. Our teeth are, in fact, the primary factor in digestion, kicking off the entire process by breaking food down into small particles. Teeth are also a vital part of our overall facial esthetic, keeping cheeks and lips from sinking inward. Without the correct number of teeth, appearance, oral health, and even speech can be impacted. One of the ways we help our patients avoid tooth loss or extraction is with root canal therapy and the placement of a quality dental … Continue reading

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