Most adults who had cavities filled as children have amalgam fillings. In the past several years, there has been a strong pull towards a more aesthetically pleasing option: composite resin fillings. These types of fillings are made of a glass and plastic mixture. This composite mixture has been used as a dental filling material since the sixties. Typically, composite filling material was included in the procedure to repair front teeth. In our Bloomington, IL dental practice. We think that composite resin is the best choice for most situations in which a tooth has been damaged by a cavity.

Filling a damaged tooth with a composite filling takes only a few minutes longer than repair using dental amalgam, and the benefits are outstanding. The procedure takes a little longer due to the fact composite is applied in layers on a clean, dry tooth. Once the tooth has been sufficiently restructured, the composite material is hardened with a curing light. The restoration is then polished for a natural appearance.

There are several advantages to composite resin dental fillings when compared to silver amalgams. The primary driving force for many patients to seek composite resin is aesthetics. The composite mixture is shaded to match the tooth that needs repair, as well as surrounding teeth. An additional benefit, however, includes the fact that composite fillings are also tooth-preserving. This is because the bonding technique used requires very little in terms of mechanics.

When repairing a tooth with composite resin, your dentist removes only damaged tooth structure, nothing else. This is significant because the smaller the filling, the stronger the tooth remains. A study between the two common types of fillings also shows that composite filling material closely resembles the characteristics of tooth enamel, as well. What this means to patients is that the risk of tooth fracture from filling expansion and contraction is greatly diminished. Because composite material is so similar to enamel in this area, there is no undue pressure placed on the repaired tooth when the filling heats up from chewing.

Dental fillings are a common form of treatment for people of all ages. When tooth repair is needed, our experienced team handles your dental concerns gently and successfully. Contact Eastland Dental Center at (309) 663-4711 for your visit.

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