If you have a cavity, you need dental fillings in Bloomington. Once the decayed material in a tooth is removed, the area must be cleaned and, if necessary, the root protected with a liner designed for this purpose. Then, the empty space must be filled. Today, there are several materials available to perform this task.

The use of silver (amalgam) fillings is extremely common. The material is strong enough to handle chewing and should provide many years of service. These kinds of fillings are not particularly expensive. However, no one considers them very attractive. As time passes, they change appearance and take on a dull gray look. In addition, some people prove to be allergic to the mercury in amalgam. Gold fillings are very durable. They can handle the force of the human jaw when it chews. There are those who prefer gold and are willing to pay the much higher cost and take the extra time required to use the material. Others do not like the look of gold in their mouths.

Composite materials are newer. Fillings filled with a composite look more natural. They are frequently used in smaller fillings and in areas where the filling is visible. Because the filling actually bonds, chemically, to the tooth, it provides some support. Composites can be used to make small repairs, so they are not as obvious. While they are less expensive than gold, they are more expensive than amalgam. Ceramic fillings, often made of porcelain, are another alternative. Some people prefer ceramic fillings because they don’t stain badly. This is a strong solution for a filling but is as expensive as gold. Glass isomer, most often used for fillings below the gum line, is even weaker than composites but costs as much. However, sometimes this is the best alternative to a specific problem having to do with the gums.

If you believe you have a cavity or discover you have one during an exam, dental fillings in Bloomington are the best solution. Set up an appointment for a convenient time, so your teeth will look and feel their best.

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