In the last several decades, changes in technology have brought about significant advancements in dentistry. Your dentist now has new tools that aid in the early detection of dental diseases, techniques that facilitate comfortable treatment, and the ability to design your smile to be both healthy and attractive.

Dating back many decades, dental fillings were crafted from gold or “silver,” which was really a combination of metals, bound together with mercury. These types of restorations, although still offered by many dentists today, are outdated when compared to the tooth-colored dental fillings offered in our practice near Normal. In fact, composite restorations are nothing new. These fillings have long been used to restore front teeth. The change is that people now choose composite fillings for less visible fillings, as well, and for good reason.

  • Composite dental fillings have been proven, in clinical trials and practical application, to be not only as strong as metal fillings but actually of superior quality.
  • Composite material is durable and able to withstand bite force for many years.
  • Composite fillings are far less prone to sensitivity due to the rate at which composite resin expands and contracts and conducts temperature. It is common to enjoy warm food with a cold beverage. With composite fillings, such habits will usually not affect the restoration in any way.
  • Because of the rate of expansion and contraction with temperature, teeth repaired with composite fillings are less prone to fracture.
  • The way in which composite fillings are bonded to teeth means that less tooth structure is removed. This strong bond also significantly reduces the risk of a recurring cavity in the same area, as no bacteria can enter beneath a loose filling as is possible with some other fillings in the past. Finally, the bond created with a composite filling is actually shown to strengthen the overall tooth structure.
  • Composite fillings are the ultimate restoration because it is often impossible to tell any work has been done to repair the smile.

Dr. Milligan and our team approach dental treatments with the optimal outcome in mind. We are happy to serve your dental needs with gentleness and precision. Don’t wait to benefit from superior dental care. Contact Eastland Dental Center for your appointment today.

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