If you exercise regularly and stay away from junk food, would you assume that you no longer need to visit a doctor for a check-up? Most people would agree that even if you are healthy you should still get regular check-ups from a doctor. So why do so many people neglect to do the same when it comes to their dental health? Just as maintaining a healthy diet and staying fit does not make you immune to every possible sickness, even the best dental care habits at home can’t fully protect your teeth from decay. Regular teeth cleanings from your dentist in the Normal, IL area can be the extra layer of protection your teeth need to fight cavities and diseases.

Not everyone follows exactly the same dental hygiene routine. It is essential to see your dentist as often as he suggests. During these regular appointments, the doctor will be able to keep your smile safe in a number of ways.

First, your hygienist can do a comprehensive teeth cleaning. During your cleaning, the hygienist can scrape off any plaque that has accumulated and even hardened on your teeth. Removing this plaque is essential to the prevention of gum disease.

Next, if you keep visiting your dentist for routine care, he will be more likely to notice any flaws in your teeth cleaning routine. Your dentist at Eastland Dental Center can suggest changes to your routine or products that could help your smile look and feel better than ever. In addition, if you are at risk for gum disease, cavities, or even oral cancer, the dentist can use special diagnostic tools to check for these problems and help you get the treatment you need before it’s too late.

If you want to protect your smile, don’t make the common mistake of assuming that brushing and flossing regularly at home is enough. Call Eastland Dental Center at (309) 663-4711 today and make an appointment for a check-up and cleaning.

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