If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know how this serious problem can affect your life every day. From feeling drowsy all day to having frequent headaches, having your sleep interrupted by sleep apnea every night can leave you feeling simply miserable.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes those affected by it to stop breathing in their sleep. The vast majority of the time, this failure to breathe is the result of a blockage caused by the collapse of soft tissues in the mouth and throat. These tissues block the airway, causing the person to wake up in order to resume breathing. This process can repeat itself possibly hundreds of times during a night’s sleep, leaving the person with sleep apnea feeling fatigued no matter how much sleep he or she gets. In time, sleep apnea may cause other problems such as strokes, heart failure, diabetes, and depression.

What can a dentist do?

This may sound more like a medical concern than a dental concern, and though it is in some ways, dentists are specially equipped to help you treat sleep apnea. Because the soft tissue collapse that causes the problem is related to the structures in your mouth, in many cases, a dentist can fit you with an oral appliance that can effectively solve the problem. Many patients find this preferable to the more invasive treatments that many doctors suggest. Some dentists can even provide the testing necessary to discover if you have sleep apnea. At Eastland Dental Center, we will supply you with a special diagnostic tool so that we can test you for sleep apnea at home. If you have sleep apnea, we can have you fitted with The Moses, an oral appliance specially designed to give you freedom and comfort while putting an end to sleep apnea.

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