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Feel confident wearing permanent dentures from your Bloomington dentist

The loss of your permanent teeth expands into every area of life. In the instance of total tooth loss, there are options for tooth replacement that are better than ever before. Even with the invention of dental implants more than twenty years ago, many people still lean towards dentures to replace lost teeth. In our Bloomington dental office, Dr. Milligan and staff work together with our patients to find the most suitable form of restorative treatment, beginning with a thorough consultation and discussion of needs, both functional and aesthetic. The replacement of teeth is something that we do with great … Continue reading

Dentures in Bloomington

If you need dentures in Bloomington, take the time to discuss the matter with your dentist. Being faced with this possibility can be very difficult for people who, because of some serious issues, are losing many or all of their teeth. Dentures are a good way to replace several teeth that are missing because of extensive damage or decay. When teeth are missing, the space left empty can cause remaining teeth to shift. In this case, if the remaining teeth are healthy and strongly rooted, they can be used as an anchor for a partial denture. If all of the … Continue reading

Using partial dentures in our office near Normal, IL, we promote healthy, beautiful smiles

Regardless of age or occupation, our smile is a vital part of who we are. We use our mouths not only to communicate with words, but we also do a great deal of non-verbal communication with this feature as well. Smiles indicate not only our pleasure or interest, but also send messages about the kind of person we are. When teeth are missing from the smile, we may be perceived in a way we do not intend or desire. Missing teeth may lead to lowered confidence, and the smile may become something we wish to hide rather than share. Tooth … Continue reading

What are your best options in Bloomington, IL when you need dentures at the age of 30?

It is not only elderly or middle-aged people who lose teeth. If you have already lost teeth at the age of 30, you know that tooth loss can occur for a number of different reasons. Sometimes poor oral hygiene is the cause, but for many people genetics or other uncontrollable factors such as an accident or sports injury are to blame. Whatever the cause of your tooth loss may be, when you visit Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL you will not have to feel uneasy about getting dentures whether you are 30 or 80. We will make sure that … Continue reading

Are partial dentures the only types of dentures available near Normal, IL?

Regardless of how many teeth you are missing, dentures can work well for your smile at our office near Normal, IL. When you come in to the office to have your smile restored, the dentist will help you choose between a variety of partial and full dentures. Partial dentures If you still have some healthy teeth, it is likely that you will need a partial denture. Not all partials dentures are the same and you can choose between economical options and high quality options that will be incredibly comfortable. If you are considering getting dental implants, you may receive transitional … Continue reading

Bloomington dentist offers high-quality dentures for the best fit

Whether an individual is missing one, several, or all of his or her teeth, the condition can cause mild to serious consequences, from diminished self-esteem, to loss of confidence, depression, bone erosion, impaired speech or chewing, as well as further tooth loss. Depending upon the type and severity of tooth loss, patients today have several options to restore their natural-looking smiles and optimal function. At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, Dr. Mike Milligan, our medical director and founder, is an experienced dentist and native of Bloomington-Normal who has been caring for our neighbors for nearly 40 years. Dr. Mike, … Continue reading

How can dental implants be used for Bloomington area denture patients?

A patient who has lost or had all of their teeth extracted is often an ideal candidate for a full denture. However, Bloomington area patients who are unhappy with improper fit and function of full dentures may be interested in speaking to their trusted dental team about the advantages of dental implants. What is an implant? Dental implants are frequently recommended by Eastland Dental Center. They are the “gold standard” in individual tooth replacement. This versatile treatment can also be used to stabilize full dentures. Sometimes called “implant-supported dentures,” this is the best way to keep prosthetics from slipping and … Continue reading

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