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Dentist Office in Bloomington Area

When it comes to the oral health of your family, finding a dentist office that you can trust to use the safest techniques, the latest research, and technologies, and a compassionate approach can be a challenge. At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, we strive to provide much more than a traditional dental practice with a comprehensive treatment approach that emphasizes the oral-systemic health connection— all while our friendly team of dental professionals keeps you comfortable and relaxed in our warm and inviting office. Dedicated to your oral health and wellness At Eastland Dental Center, we put your family’s health … Continue reading

Guard your health with regular visits to your dentist in Bloomington IL

There are many steps that we take to keep our bodies healthy. We choose healthy foods, try to get enough sleep each night, and exercise when we can. This is where we tend to stop. One important factor in health, we are learning, is what goes on in the mouth. The more we learn, the more it becomes clear that a vital part of total health is regular visits with your dentist in Bloomington IL. Oral health is intimately connected with general health. By taking care of your teeth and gums, then, you are helping the health of your entire … Continue reading

Fighting gum disease with a dentist in Normal

When you see those toothpaste commercials on TV, you often hear about how they are the #1 plaque and germ fighter, and the best defense against gingivitis. Some may know what plaque and gingivitis are, but there are those who need a refresher course in proper oral health care. Gingivitis is a form or periodontal disease. The name itself means, ‘gum inflammation’. Periodontal disease is a disease that attacks the gums and supporting tissues around the teeth, which can ultimately lead to infections, tooth loss, and other serious conditions. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease (gingivitis), has many causes, … Continue reading

Handling dental emergencies with a dentist in Bloomington

You’re driving through town on your way to visit your grandmother in Chicago, and you’re chewing a delicious piece of saltwater taffy. Suddenly, the taffy cements to one of your dental crowns and pulls the crown right off of the implant. What do you do? You’re getting ready for bed and look in the mirror to find that the sore tooth you’ve been nursing all day has made the entire side of your face swell. The pain is unbearable, and you’re scared there might be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately. What do you do? Your son … Continue reading

Services provided by dentist in the 61701 area

Dr. Milligan of Eastland Dental Center is committed to the oral health of his patients and the community. His practice, located in the 61701 area, allows him to provide quality care to patients in and around Bloomington, Illinois. He is a dentist who believes in offering men and women a way of rejuvenating the beauty of their smile while also achieving better dental health. Here are just a few of the more common treatments available through his practice: Dental Implants Replacing missing teeth or stabilizing dentures can be done with the assistance of dental implants. These metal posts act as … Continue reading

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