Tooth loss is, unfortunately, common for adults in today’s world. The fact that improvements have been made, and people are keeping their teeth longer today than in previous years, is still offset by the fact that our teeth are designed to last us a lifetime. A key to avoiding uncomfortable and costly dental problems is an effective oral health routine that includes daily hygiene as well as professional care. Maintaining these two elements within your regimen gives your teeth the best chance at survival in a world of bacteria.

Gum disease is essentially an infection in the tissue that supports teeth. When not treated, this infectious process spreads into the teeth, roots, and bone structure of the mouth, and then into the entire body. Dr. Milligan has extensive experience treating gum disease and, as a founding member of the American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health, collaborates with physicians to decrease the instances and effects of this common condition. At Eastland Dental Center, we take a proactive approach to gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss today, using Perio Protect as one tool in our comprehensive arsenal.

Perio Protect is a system of treating gum disease in which a custom-made tray is designed in our office near Normal, IL. At home, trays are filled with medication formulated for the destruction of harmful oral bacteria and, thus, the decrease of their effect on the gums and body.

This precise application of antibiotic medication directly into infected gum tissue is a highly effective way to address gum disease comfortably and conveniently. Proper use of the Perio Protect system can greatly improve comfort, and decrease the chance that complex procedures may be needed in the future.

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