Gum disease is a topic of interest for all of us. Every person’s smile – and health – is at risk due to the legions of harmful bacteria that find a home in the mouth. Bacteria are naturally occurring, but not all of them are beneficial to the body. In the mouth, certain types of oral bacteria will consume tiny debris left over after eating and sugar compounds that remain on teeth if they are not brushed properly. Well-fed, these bacteria secrete a toxic acid that eats away healthy tissues, including enamel and the gums.

Part of our goal is to help our patients realize that gum disease is preventable. When you know how to prevent gum disease, such as with early detection and treatment in our dental practice near Normal IL, you have the power to enjoy optimal oral health, as well as excellent general health and a beautiful smile for your lifetime. Combined with twice-a-day brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning, professional cleanings and examinations create a powerful effect on oral health, minimizing the effects of harmful bacteria.

Teeth and gums work hand in hand to create a healthy mouth. The early detection and treatment of gum disease, a progressive infection that can lead to tooth loss, leads to increased comfort, an attractive smile, fresh breath, and the preservation of natural teeth. In our practice, we assess gum health during routine dental examinations. In this way, we are able to quickly identify any new problems and provide precise treatment.

The standard treatment for gum disease has, for many years, been to thoroughly clean infected areas in the root planing and scaling procedure. While this approach can still be a vital part of gum disease management, Dr. Milligan also incorporates specific treatment to destroy the specific types of bacteria causing gum disease. Using Perio Protect, we are able to help our patients successfully address bacteria that are threatening their health. This innovative gum disease treatment consists of a powerful anti-bacterial solution applied to the gums in a tray much like that used to whiten teeth.

Gum disease treatment can save your teeth, and keep you smiling. Contact us today to schedule your dental examination.

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