We know through years of research that all of humankind shares the trait of being drawn to an attractive smile. In polls, respondents report a higher inclination to speak with a stranger who smiles at them. In the workplace, promotions are more likely to go to those who smile regularly as opposed to straight-faced colleagues. These are just a few of several examples that identify the importance of an attractive smile. What may trump all of these examples, however, is the well known fact that how we feel about our own smile plays a large role in how good we feel about ourselves in general.

If you have noticed that your teeth have become dull or discolored, and you want to regain a higher level of confidence in your appearance, we invite you to learn more about the KöR whitening system used in our Bloomington, IL dental practice. Since the development of teeth whitening well over a decade ago, a variety of systems have emerged. What we have found is that good old-fashioned home whitening treatment remains incredibly effective, affordable, and convenient. We use KöR, in particular, for a number of reasons:

  • KöR works! What sets this teeth whitening system apart from others that KöR facilitates the absorption of oxygen into tooth enamel. This factor maximizes the whitening power of prescription-strength carbamide peroxide to reach even deeper stain molecules, dissolving them quickly. KöR is so effective at stain removal that it can even wipe out many tobacco stains and those that result from medication such as tetracycline.
  • KöR can be tailored to each individual patient. We understand that you want your brightest smile. The key point here is that your smile is unique to you. There is such a thing as going too white if you want to retain a look that is natural to your complexion. With KöR, you control how bright your teeth become, reaching up to 16 shades lighter than your starting point.
  • The KöR teeth whitening system has been proven extremely safe in clinical trials, posing no risk to teeth or gum tissue.
  • Whitening teeth at home with KöR is convenient and comfortable. Whitening trays are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. Thin and flexible, trays can be comfortably worn while you sleep. Thanks to a desensitizing agent, KöR whitening is also less likely to cause sensitivity.
  • KöR produces results that last for months, or even years. What is ideal with home whitening is that trays are reusable. With touch up treatments as needed, you can retain your brightest smile for life.

Brighten your day by designing the smile of your dreams. Contact Eastland Dental Center at (309) 663-4711 for your consultation.

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