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Jun 02

One of the first things that someone will notice about you when you meet them for the first time is your smile. Due to this, having a smile you are proud of is essential and can improve your overall confidence. If your teeth are not as white as you would like, professional teeth whitening services […]

Jun 02

To help keep your teeth healthy, regularly brushing and flossing is essential. A preventative measure for your teeth are dental sealants. It is a material that seals over deep grooves in the teeth to help prevent plaque and food particles from sitting in those areas. Sealants are commonly done in adolescents who may need improvement […]

May 25

Dental crowns are a common way to repair broken teeth. Still, people have questions about having this procedure done. At Eastland Dental Center, our dentists provide patients with the highest level of dental care. When you’re searching for a dentist for crowns in Bloomington, IL, Dr. Mike Milligan, and Dr. Marisa Milligan are the team […]

May 25

Sure, you brush your teeth and floss every day, but that is only part of the equation for maintaining your oral health. It would be best if you also had regular dental cleanings. Not only will this remove tartar and build up, but it will also allow your dentist to evaluate the health of your […]

Oct 28

Everyone knows the dentist can protect your oral health, but an issue with your teeth can impact your whole body. Minor problems like difficulty chewing can cause indigestion, while major problems like periodontal disease can cause infections that spread through other parts of your body. If you’re searching for “teeth cleaning services near me,” Drs. Mike and […]

Jul 09

When it comes to the oral health of your family, finding a dentist office that you can trust to use the safest techniques, the latest research, and technologies, and a compassionate approach can be a challenge. At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, we strive to provide much more than a traditional dental practice with […]

Jul 08

If you are missing teeth, your Bloomington dentist may have recommended dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent tooth restoration option that replaces the missing root, providing a secure replacement that allows you to bite, chew, and speak normally. Dental implants are often thought of as the gold standard in tooth replacement because they prevent […]

Mar 18

You have likely heard about the importance of diligent brushing and flossing and regular visits to the dentist in the fight against cavities. But did you know that dental sealants are another great way to help prevent cavities? At Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL, we recommend that our young patients get sealants placed on […]

Jan 27

Trusted dentistry is at the heart of all Eastland Dental Center does. This carries over in all we do including the whitening options we provide. Trust the methods Drs Mike and Marisa Milligan employ to lift stains from a single tooth to your entire smile. Here, they’ve listed a few of the reasons to use […]

Sep 20

When caring for their mouths, people often only consider the visible crowns of their teeth. The gums are a crucial part of maintaining the delicate balance of oral health. These soft, pink supportive tissues form a seal or barrier around the teeth. This keeps bacteria and food out. If the gums do show signs of […]

Aug 26

When patients in the Bloomington, IL area need restorative dental care, they may not be aware of the many procedures that are done at Eastland Dental Center. Drs. Mike and Marisa Milligan are pleased to offer patients solutions that are best suited for their specific needs. In many cases, patients may ask about a procedure […]

Mar 21

Patients diagnosed by their primary care physician with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have likely been recommended to use a CPAP machine to treat their condition. The CPAP machine is one way in which professionals may help patients with OSA. While CPAP is the best treatment for certain degrees and more severe forms of OSA, patients […]