The loss of your permanent teeth expands into every area of life. In the instance of total tooth loss, there are options for tooth replacement that are better than ever before. Even with the invention of dental implants more than twenty years ago, many people still lean towards dentures to replace lost teeth. In our Bloomington dental office, Dr. Milligan and staff work together with our patients to find the most suitable form of restorative treatment, beginning with a thorough consultation and discussion of needs, both functional and aesthetic.

The replacement of teeth is something that we do with great care. We take careful measurements and use the highest quality materials when crafting denture appliances. Our patients also benefit from Dr. Milligan’s capabilities, and may choose to incorporate both a denture appliance and dental implants for permanent dentures. Our patients from Bloomington and surrounding areas find this a winning combination, leading to greater confidence and lifelong stability.

Dental implants were designed more than two decades ago for permanent tooth replacement. Solitary prosthetics, implants are precisely positioned in healthy jawbone, where they become fused into place over the course of a few months. Once implants are fused with bone tissue, they are a permanent fixture within the jaw, providing the same level of stability that comes from a tooth’s natural root system. We have learned to use implants in new ways over the past several years, with dentists now blending two worlds in the treatment of lost teeth.

If you are considering dentures for tooth replacement, or currently wear a traditional denture appliance, considering the benefits of an implant-supported denture pays off. Our patients who have replaced teeth with this treatment find the greatest amount of confidence in the functionality of their smiles, feeling as close to natural as you can get.

With an implant supported denture appliance, only a few dental implants are placed, positioned strategically for the highest amount of stability. How many implants are placed is determined in a pre-treatment consultation. With implants situated in the jawbone, a specially designed denture appliance is fitted on top, and held firmly in place.

Choosing a denture appliance that features the additional support of dental implants can provide you with the permanent results you desire. Contact Eastland Dental Center to learn more about this form of tooth replacement.

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