It is highly recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and thorough examination. This gives your dentist the opportunity to catch changes in the health of your mouth before they result in serious problems. It also provides the hygienist the chance to clean your teeth properly and evaluate how well you have been taking care of your teeth. Why is teeth cleaning in Bloomington so important?

Oral cancer has a high cure rate when caught early. Only a dentist is familiar enough with the warning signs to recognize the possibility that there might be cancer in your mouth. An exam, twice a year, is one of the best ways to make sure it never becomes “too late.” Gum disease is a condition that can cause you to lose your teeth even if you don’t have a single cavity. This can be prevented if gum disease is caught in the early stages. Gingivitis can contribute to other health problems which is why your dentist will take special care to thoroughly examine your gums. Other dental problems can be identified early, as well. For instance, halitosis is a symptom of dental problems that can be identified during an exam. No one likes to have to worry about bad breath, so the exam can help you make sure you don’t suffer from this embarrassing condition.

When your hygienist cleans your teeth, your efforts to keep your mouth healthy can be evaluated. It is easy for a hygienist to determine how well you are caring for your teeth and gums. He or she can help you learn to do a better job if necessary. Keep in mind that your dental insurance usually pays for at least two cleanings/exams a year for good reason. Insurance companies know it is less expensive to keep the mouth healthy when problems are caught early, and at least twice-yearly exams are the best way to do that.

If you do need some dental work, a treatment plan can be created to address the work that needs to be done. That way, you will know what to expect and be able to budget time and money to take care of the problem. Your dentist is ready to help you with teeth cleaning in Bloomington.

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