Behavioral experts, as well as results from numerous surveys, have let us know that we have only seconds in which to make our first impression. Our natural tendency to form first opinions of people quickly leaves very little time for verbal communication. Instead, our impressions are largely formed based on appearance. Further research has shown that the smile is an integral part of our impact on others, with attractive smiles making a favorable impact on human interaction. When you know that your smile does a lot of the talking, you want to make sure it is saying the right thing.

Bright, shining teeth look healthy and beautiful. Our smiles, however, tend to be impacted by a number of factors that can lead to dullness or discoloration.

Food and beverage

Most people know that their morning cup of coffee could be affecting their teeth. Additional culprits of discoloration include tea and red wine. These are well known. Many people are surprised to hear that dark berries, fruit juice, soy sauce, colas, and acidic foods like vinegar dressings can also lead to discoloration. Because we regularly consume foods with acid and molecules that could cause staining, avoiding discoloration is incredibly difficult.


Smoking is not the only way in which teeth may become stained from tobacco. Smokeless products contain chemicals that can turn teeth from a brighter white to a dingy yellow shade.

Oral hygiene

It is possible to protect the brightness of the smile somewhat with proper brushing and flossing daily, plus professional cleanings as recommended by your dentist. At Eastland Dental Center, we use the latest technologies to help us promote the highest degree of oral health for each patient. When oral hygiene is lacking, plaque builds up on teeth and gums, leading to a dull, dingy smile.

The various factors that can change the color of our teeth can be fought with professional teeth whitening systems such as those offered in our Bloomington, IL dental practice. Dr. Milligan offers KöR Whitening for those who wish to transform their smiles with a convenient at-home system designed for decreased sensitivity. We also offer Zoom! in office whitening, appropriate for anyone who wants an immediate makeover. We want to help our patients feel great about their smiles, and have a Whitening for Life program that will keep you in your best smile.

Feel good about your smile! Contact our office for your teeth whitening consultation.

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