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Reasons to use professional teeth whitening vs DIY in Bloomington IL

Reasons to Use Professional Teeth Whitening in Bloomington area

Trusted dentistry is at the heart of all Eastland Dental Center does. This carries over in all we do including the whitening options we provide. Trust the methods Drs Mike and Marisa Milligan employ to lift stains from a single tooth to your entire smile. Here, they’ve listed a few of the reasons to use professional teeth whitening in Bloomington IL, versus opting for a retail product marketed as a teeth whitener. Unsurpassed effectiveness As licensed dentists, Drs Milligan have access to professional-grade products that contain proven whitening ingredients. The products sold in stores or online generally don’t contain the … Continue reading

Teeth whitening systems from your Bloomington, IL dentist combat a variety of stains

Behavioral experts, as well as results from numerous surveys, have let us know that we have only seconds in which to make our first impression. Our natural tendency to form first opinions of people quickly leaves very little time for verbal communication. Instead, our impressions are largely formed based on appearance. Further research has shown that the smile is an integral part of our impact on others, with attractive smiles making a favorable impact on human interaction. When you know that your smile does a lot of the talking, you want to make sure it is saying the right thing. … Continue reading

Available Teeth Whitening Methods in Bloomington

White teeth are a sign of a healthy, well-maintained smile. Patients who want to achieve this kind of a smile may be able to do so with the help of Dr. Milligan and the staff at Eastland Dental Center. Whiter teeth can signify confidence and pride. Patients may find that their teeth begin to yellow and discolor over time just from the foods and drinks they enjoy regularly. Others may be genetically predisposed to less vibrant smiles. No matter what the reason, many patients can use teeth whitening methods in Bloomington to rejuvenate and restore their pearly whites. Dr. Milligan … Continue reading

The rewards of cosmetic teeth whitening in Bloomington

If you are considering brightening your smile with cosmetic teeth whitening in Bloomington, then you should do it. Dissatisfaction with your smile can inhibit your interaction with others more than you may realize. When you know you look your best, you can greet the world with confidence, enthusiasm, and a winning smile. However, if you are embarrassed about discolored teeth, you probably hide your smile behind your hand, or refrain from smiling at all. First impressions can have a lasting effect on those we meet, and a nice smile and confident attitude can make that impression a positive one. An … Continue reading

Tooth Whitening in Bloomington IL

You can choose to whiten your teeth with one of the many over-the-counter products on the market, but only tooth whitening in Bloomington, by a professional, will give you the results you want fast and effectively. In fact, tooth whitening is a procedure that is commonly done because it is an easy way of contributing to an individual’s self-confidence in a meaningful way. After all, a bright smile makes a great introduction. Bleaching refers to a process that uses products that are able to whiten teeth to a level brighter than is naturally possible. In order to qualify as bleach, … Continue reading

With the KöR whitening system, your Bloomington, IL dentist gets you the results you desire

We know through years of research that all of humankind shares the trait of being drawn to an attractive smile. In polls, respondents report a higher inclination to speak with a stranger who smiles at them. In the workplace, promotions are more likely to go to those who smile regularly as opposed to straight-faced colleagues. These are just a few of several examples that identify the importance of an attractive smile. What may trump all of these examples, however, is the well known fact that how we feel about our own smile plays a large role in how good we … Continue reading

Teeth whitening from your dentist near Normal, IL does more than brighten your smile

When we think of our image and how we want to look, we may not initially think of the appearance of our teeth. The fact, is, however, that the smile is a key factor in a person’s self-image. It is, as well, directly involved in the kind of first impression we make. When the smile is attractive and teeth are bright, there is an air of confidence that causes one to be perceived as successful and popular. Teeth that are yellow or discolored do very little in the way of helping confidence. To correct stains that naturally occur with time, … Continue reading

Discover which of the dental whitening systems in Bloomington, IL will be most effective for your smile

You know how your discolored smile affects your appearance, which is why you are looking for whitening treatments. However, with so many dental whitening systems available in Bloomington, IL, how do you know which one will be most effective for your smile? Fast-acting treatments Whether you have a special event coming up or you simply want to feel better about your smile right away, a fast-acting whitening treatment might sound like the most attractive option to you. You can achieve a whiter smile almost immediately with the “Zoom! Whitening” system, which can be completed in one appointment. With this system, … Continue reading

Finally get the results you want with KöR Whitening Treatment in Bloomington, IL

Does it seem like no matter what you try, your teeth are still stained and unattractive? You are not alone. Though there are so many whitening treatments out there, over the years, many dental patients like you have been unable to achieve the results they want with any of these treatments. Dentists have a system that will achieve results with even the deepest stains. This system is the KöR Whitening, and we offer this system at our office in Bloomington, IL so that all of our patients can get a whiter smile. How it works The KöR Whitening System is … Continue reading

Why professional teeth whitening is your best option for a brighter smile in Bloomington

Don’t you wish you could just polish your teeth like a set of silver and have a shiny new smile right away? Sadly, stains from your coffee, wine, and other substances don’t go away that easily. While many of us turn to whitening toothpastes and whitening strips, most of us also know that these methods leave much to be desired. One of the reasons for this is that the whitening agents used in store-bought whitening products are strictly controlled so that anyone can use them safely. This results in much weaker whitening solutions, not to mention the fact that none … Continue reading

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