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Dentures, implants, and bridges: tooth replacement options available in Bloomington, IL dental practice

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Missing and extracted teeth can have a negative impact on your smile and function. As soon as teeth are removed or lost, you should schedule an appointment with Drs. Mike and Marisa Milligan in Bloomington, IL to learn about your tooth replacement options. There are various way in which patients can restore their smile, including the placement of:

In this article, we will discuss each of these tooth replacement options so you can have a better understanding of the restoration methods available to you.


Dentures  are considered the most economical option for tooth replacement. Two varieties of dentures may be used in tooth restoration: partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are made of metal framework with acrylic that utilizes the surrounding teeth to snap into place, with a false tooth or teeth where they are needed. Our professionals can provide natural-looking partial dentures for patients who are missing one or more teeth within the dental arch and who want to consider a removable appliance. Another type of denture is the full denture. Full dentures are acrylic appliances that are custom-made for a patient to place over the ridge of the gums when all of the teeth in the patient’s mouth in the upper or lower arch are missing. These are held in place with either natural suction, adhesives, or implants. Both options last for many years with proper attention and recall visits.

Dental bridges

Another option for patients who are experiencing tooth loss or extraction is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a natural-looking restoration made for patients who are missing one tooth or several natural teeth in a row. The bridge works by using the surrounding teeth for support. Crowns are cemented onto each side of the false tooth or teeth to create a single restoration. The adjacent teeth act as the support of the false teeth that “bridge the gap” where the teeth were missing. Dental bridges are cemented into place and with proper care, patients can maintain them for many years. They are fabricated with materials like porcelain or zirconia to look and function like your natural teeth. These restorations are custom-made to ensure they match the patient’s existing teeth.

Dental implants

A popular tooth restoration option is the dental implant. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the bone of the jaw in the place that the missing tooth was located. When the post is implanted, it stimulates a process of bone growth called osseointegration. The bone wraps around the implant to solidify it in the smile. The implant can then have one of several tooth restorations placed on top:

  • A crown can be placed over the implant to replace a single tooth
  • A bridge may be placed over the implant, using the implant as a strong foundation for the bridge
  • Several implants can work with a full denture to snap it into place and give it the optimum strength and durability for proper function
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Patients with sufficient bone structure in their jaw will benefit from the placement of implants, as they can maintain bone in a way no other tooth replacement can. Some patients are not considered appropriate candidates for implants, but the dentists at Eastland Dental Center can discuss alternative treatments. The best treatment is  determined after a thorough exam and radiographs  with one of the doctors. .

Which one is appropriate for my needs?

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We have many patients who come into our practice to learn about tooth replacement options but are unsure about which treatment is best for their specific situation. We highly recommend that patients visit Eastland Dental Center for a consultation appointment and initial evaluation to discuss their oral health. Based on the evaluation and clinical and radiographic findings, we will recommend the best treatment option for tooth replacement available. Calling our front office team is the first step in booking a visit with one of our dentists.

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Repairing the smile after tooth loss or extraction is incredibly important for maintaining your oral health and wellness, as well as the function of your smile. At the dental office of Drs. Mike and Marisa Milligan in Bloomington, IL, we encourage you to take the time to discuss the options available to you. Contact the office by calling (309) 663-4711 or visiting the practice at 1404 Eastland Dr., Suite 101.


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