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Orthodontics Treatment

  • We provide many options so you can choose the best fit for your smile and your lifestyle to achieve your esthetic goals
  • Orthodontic treatment can improve your airway, your oral health, and your facial esthetics
  • Clear braces straighten teeth without embarrassment
Orthodontics Treatment Bloomington Eastland Dental Center serves Bloomington IL, and surrounding communities with high quality, highly customized dental treatments. We understand that today’s dental patients are looking for esthetic, convenient, comfortable solutions.

Early Arch Development for Kids

Most children today will benefit from early treatment ages 3 to 10 to expand their dental arches for a lifetime of better health through improved airway, jaw joint health, and facial esthetics. Dr. Milligan is well trained in this and speaks on this subject to various groups. The roof of your mouth is the same bone as the floor of your nose. By expanding your dental arches, you both make more room for your teeth and expand your nasal airway. By expanding your dental arches forward, you increase your posterior airway.

Arch development and braces for adults greatly improve smiles, oral health and total body health.

Six Month Smiles

Unlike Invisalign or traditional braces, this system is not meant to address serious bite problems and functional concerns. Instead, it is targeted to straighten visible teeth.
  • Straighten your smile in a fraction of the standard orthodontic treatment time
  • Clear and tooth colored components are barely noticeable when you smile
  • Typical treatment time ranges from four to nine months with an average of six months
Six Month Smiles

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

In addition to beautifying your smile, orthodontics can reduce your risk of decay and gum disease. Crowding and crooked teeth create tight spaces that are difficult to clean. These areas are ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Straight, evenly spaced teeth are easier to clean and less likely to trap plaque.

If you are considering early arch development to improve your child’s lifelong health, or traditional braces, or Six Month Smiles, call (309) 663-4711 and schedule a consultation at Eastland Dental Center.

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