When a tooth has sustained extensive damage from an untreated cavity or trauma, the health of the root is an important factor in determining how the tooth should be restored. In a case where the root is healthy but the tooth has too much damage to be repaired with a dental filling, a crown can preserve and restore the tooth. When the tooth root has also been damaged the tooth has to be extracted, a fixed dental bridge can be used to restore the tooth and protect your oral health.

Dental Crown

The purpose of a dental crown is to restore a damaged or weakened tooth. A crown over a tooth is like a thimble over your finger. The crown is a tooth shaped cap (thimble) that is placed over the compromised tooth, restoring its function, shape, and strength.

Receiving a dental crown involves two appointments. During your first appointment, the tooth and surrounding tissue will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Next, the damaged portion of the tooth will be removed and the tooth will be reshaped to accommodate the dental crown. Your doctor at the Eastland Dental Center will then take impressions of your teeth; these are used by the dental lab to create your final restoration. The doctor will place a temporary crown to provide protection for the prepared tooth. Once the dental lab has fabricated your new crown, your second appointment will be scheduled and the permanent crown will be placed.

Fixed dental bridge

When a tooth root is damaged, the tooth will have to be extracted. It is important that a restoration be placed to prevent your other teeth from tipping or drifting, which can result in other serious dental problems including the loss of more teeth. Dental implants or fixed dental bridges can be used to replace the missing tooth. Your doctor at the Eastland Dental Center will explain your options to you and help you decide what is best for you depending on your dental needs and personal preferences.

If you and your doctor have decided that a fixed bridge is the best option for you, the procedure is very similar to that of having a crown placed. The bridge is a multiple tooth unit that consists of a dental crown on each end with one or more artificial teeth (pontics) in-between them. The teeth on each side of the gap are prepared for crowns, impressions will be taken, and a temporary unit is placed. As with a crown, during a follow up appointment, the final bridge will be placed.

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