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Root Canal Treatment

  • Root canal therapy can save a diseased or injured tooth
  • Despite common myths, the procedure is gentle and comfortable
  • The process is typically completed with a dental crown to restore your smile & strengthen the tooth
Root Canal Treatment done for the patients and trsuted dentist in Bloomington Many patients at our Bloomington office are pleasantly surprised when they discover that root canal therapy is precise, predictable, and usually a very comfortable procedure.

Why root canal therapy is needed

Each tooth is a living part of your body, complete with nerves, tiny blood vessels, and other fragile soft tissue. In a heathy tooth, these soft tissues are protected by a thick layer of dentin and an ultra-hard outer layer of enamel. When a tooth is compromised by decay, disease, or trauma this natural protection fails.
  • Bacteria can enter the tooth through deep cavities or fractures
  • Infection and inflammation may create painful pressure inside of the tooth
  • The injured nerve will not recover; tooth extraction or root canal therapy are the only ways to stop the pain
  • Without treatment, the infection can spread causing abscesses and other oral health problems
  • Infection can spread throughout the entire body – in fact, medical research shows that up to 50 percent or more of heart attacks are triggered by an abscessed tooth infection!

What is root canal therapy?

The medical name for this procedure is endodontic therapy. The process begins with numbing the tooth, ensuring your comfort. Next, the dentist creates a small opening in the tooth, and cleans diseased tissues from the tiny inner chambers and canals using specialized tools. The tooth is then disinfected, filled, and topped with a filling or crown. This treatment may take one to three appointments.

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