Dental Care Services by Dentists Dr. Mike Milligan & Dr. Marisa Milligan

Dr. Mike Milligan and Dr. Marisa Milligan know that people feel most comfortable receiving dental treatment in a familiar setting, with care by a dentist and team they already know and have confidence in. Building and maintaining this bond of trust is important at Eastland Dental Center. It is one of the reasons we strive to provide all the dental care services most people will need in a lifetime, at our Bloomington, IL office. Prevention is important! We work hard to help you avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of extensive dental work, with:

  • Professional teeth cleaning, at intervals that make the most sense for your oral condition. You can also count on advice for home care and products.
  • Sealants, a painless treatment for children and adults that reduces risk of molar cavities by nearly 80 percent.
  • Topical fluoride treatment helps to keep kids cavity-free and is beneficial to cavity-prone adults, as well.
  • Digital x-rays with high resolution and minimal radiation exposure.
  • Oral cancer screening with VELscope, because prognosis is best with early detection.

With a deep understanding of the oral-systemic link (mouth-body connection), we act as gatekeepers for your oral health and overall wellness with:

  • Gum disease treatment.
  • Oral DNA – salivary diagnostic testing to detect specific oral pathogens related to gum disease, gene markers for oral and systemic inflammation, and risk factors for HPV-related oral cancers.
  • Resolution of dental infection.
  • Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Myofunctional therapy.
  • Collaboration with your physician for integrated healthcare.

If problems do occur, we are here to help with restorative procedures:

Are you ready to take your beautiful smile to the next level? At Eastland Dental Center, cosmetic enhancement is tailored to your teeth, schedule, and budget with:

Our team takes your smile seriously. Call our Bloomington, IL office at (309) 663-4711 to schedule dental care services by a highly-qualified, experienced dentist – Dr. Mike Milligan or Dr. Marisa Milligan.