Dr. Mike Milligan and the team at Eastland Dental Center love to help people feel great about their smiles. The importance of oral health is closely followed by the need for an attractive smile. We understand the power of a healthy, gorgeous smile, and provide personalized treatment through a variety of procedures that encompass both cosmetic and restorative care.

Our smiles are our initial form of communication. When teeth are healthy, white, and straight, studies show people will naturally form a good impression of us. We help our patients develop smiles that are very natural and beautiful. The process is simple, beginning with an initial consultation in which your needs and aesthetic goals are discussed. We are happy to look through smile images with our patients, and listen to the details of smiles they find attractive as a way to gain insight into their perception of beauty.

The initial discussion that we have with patients about their goals helps us devise the appropriate plan for cosmetic dentistry treatment. We see patients from Normal, Bloomington, and other nearby communities, creating beautiful smiles using specific techniques. Some of the methods through which smiles can be transformed include:

  • Teeth whitening, especially with your dentist, can remove years from your facial appearance, as discoloration is a sign of age. We offer in-office, at-home, and even a whitening program so our patients can easily reach and keep their brightest smiles for life.
  • Convenient, comfortable orthodontic care straightens teeth for improved health and aesthetics.
  • Composite can transform a single tooth or several, masking the appearance of gaps, chips, ill proportions, and odd shapes.
  • Dental bonding is a quick, effective way to cover small imperfections.
  • Tooth colored fillings restore strength to damaged teeth, and look just like natural teeth for a seamless appearance.

Giving priority to oral health is important for the preservation of your most attractive smile. Our team is dedicated to creating the kind of dental experiences that lead our patients to look forward to dental check-ups! Our comfortable office is complemented by friendly, knowledgeable dental professionals whose commitment to patient care shows.

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