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Cosmetic dentistry in our office near Normal builds beautiful smiles

Dr. Mike Milligan and the team at Eastland Dental Center love to help people feel great about their smiles. The importance of oral health is closely followed by the need for an attractive smile. We understand the power of a healthy, gorgeous smile, and provide personalized treatment through a variety of procedures that encompass both cosmetic and restorative care. Our smiles are our initial form of communication. When teeth are healthy, white, and straight, studies show people will naturally form a good impression of us. We help our patients develop smiles that are very natural and beautiful. The process is … Continue reading

A Cosmetic Dentist in Bloomington Creates Stunning Smiles

The goal of a cosmetic dentist is to create a beautiful change to your teeth and gums, and therefore your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is about more than teeth whitening, although they are two popular procedures performed by cosmetic dentists. It includes any treatment that will improve the aesthetics of your smile. Gorgeous smiles are not just for celebrities and the wealthy anymore, they are within reach of everyone now. You can have the Hollywood smile you have always wanted by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Bloomington. Choosing a provider can be the most important decision you make about your cosmetic … Continue reading

What Causes the Discoloration of a Tooth?

Everyone wants a bright, white smile that they can be proud of. Understanding the activities and things we do that can discolor our teeth is a great way to prevent future staining after we’ve had cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, performed on our smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on ensuring you have a beautiful smile, and by taking certain steps to protect your teeth, you can continue to enjoy that same smile for years to come! Teeth are oftentimes discolored by items that we eat, drink, or use in our mouth. For example, certain foods and drinks, such as … Continue reading

A cosmetic dental makeover with your dentist in Bloomington, IL is all about you

You have likely heard the term cosmetic dentistry many times, and have wondered what could be done to enhance the look of your smile. Dr. Mike Milligan and the dental team at Eastland Dental Center are here to show you exactly how you can get the kind of smile that you feel most confident with. Our menu of services encompasses the various cosmetic problems that people may face, including misalignment, chipped or cracked teeth, and discoloration. The smile can even be wonderfully restored after the loss of natural teeth. If you are considering the advantages of a cosmetic dental makeover, … Continue reading

Cosmetic fillings a wonderful option at Eastland Dental Center in Bloomington, IL

By and large, one of the most common dental concerns is cavity development. A cavity is an area of damage sustained as a result of oral bacteria. These microorganisms live in the mouth and feed on “leftovers,” tiny particles of food debris and sugar residue. The result of their feasting is acidic byproduct, which sits on teeth and weakens enamel. Dental restorations for cavities are based on the amount of tooth structure involved. Smaller cavities are repaired with fillings. For over a century, fillings have been made from dental amalgam. Although gold is still an option for the repair of … Continue reading

Cosmetic whitening from your Bloomington, IL dentist brightens your life

In our ideal image of ourselves, we may not see something like a dingy smile. In reality, tooth discoloration is something that most adults deal with at some point in time. Teeth are porous, which allows microscopic particles from foods and beverages to seep into the enamel rather than pass over the surface. As such, deposits build up over time and cause the brightness of teeth to fade into a dull, yellow hue. Discoloration is not something we can completely avoid. With cosmetic whitening treatment from your Bloomington, IL dentist, you can keep your smile – and your life – … Continue reading

Bloomington, IL residents find cosmetic dentistry services at an affordable cost

Your smile is one of the first things others notice when they meet you. Your smile is linked to your self-confidence. For patients near Bloomington, IL or Normal, IL, Drs. Mike Milligan and Marisa Milligan at Eastland Dental Center offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of services. Patients want straighter, whiter, natural smiles. From braces to teeth whitening treatments we are proud to offer services to meet our patients’ individual needs. Our treatment options include the following: Our teeth whitening options include KöR Whitening System, Philips Zoom Whitening, and the … Continue reading

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