Your dentist’s goal when providing preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments is to help you retain your natural teeth as long as possible. The loss of natural teeth is something that can have a detrimental effect on oral health, as well as the look of your smile. Without a full set of teeth, it may become difficult to chew food properly, causing stress on the digestive system. Missing teeth can also affect speech, making it difficult to communicate as clearly as you would like. Gaps left after the loss of teeth can encourage bacterial activity, increasing the risk of gum disease. Seeing the various problems that can come with tooth loss, your dentist will make every effort to preserve natural structure. When possible, this can be accomplished with dental crowns.

In our office near Normal, Dr. Milligan designs precision-crafted dental crowns for the restoration of damaged tooth structure. A crown will fully cover a tooth that has been weakened by disease, cracks, or has been treated with root canal therapy. Recreating the natural structure of the tooth facilitates optimal chewing while minimizing the pressure sustained by the tooth. After treatment, the crown absorbs the brunt of bite pressure, keeping the weakened tooth structure protected.

Crowns are designed with you in mind, made from various types of materials. Your dentist may offer several options such as:

  • Metal crowns covered in porcelain, called PFM crowns, are a popular choice today. This type of crown is the traditional crown that has had an overlay of porcelain material fused to the visible surface. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are very strong and will last many years.
  • Porcelain crowns contain no metal, making them ideal not only for those with metal allergies, or those who wish to remain metal-free, but also for the restoration of front teeth. Solid porcelain crowns may be thinner than those with a metal base, allowing the restored tooth to retain a highly natural aesthetic. Because of the characteristics of porcelain crowns, it may be possible to preserve more of the natural tooth structure than with porcelain fused to metal crowns.
  • Gold crowns are an option for the restoration of molars. Gold was one of the primary materials used in dental restorations, and remains a highly suitable choice today. Gold is one of the strongest, longest lasting materials, and is actually quite undetectable when used in the back of the mouth.

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