Regardless of age or occupation, our smile is a vital part of who we are. We use our mouths not only to communicate with words, but we also do a great deal of non-verbal communication with this feature as well. Smiles indicate not only our pleasure or interest, but also send messages about the kind of person we are. When teeth are missing from the smile, we may be perceived in a way we do not intend or desire. Missing teeth may lead to lowered confidence, and the smile may become something we wish to hide rather than share. Tooth loss does not have to leave you with an unsatisfying smile. Dr. Milligan provides both full and partial dentures in our office near Normal, IL for restored function, beauty, and confidence.

Our teeth are a necessary component to functional chewing and healthy facial contours. The absence of even one permanent tooth leaves a gap in the smile, which encourages the movement of surrounding teeth. The deterioration of bone in the jaw is also a concern that becomes especially important to address if two or more teeth have been lost or removed. Teeth not only facilitate the chewing process, but also provide the support necessary for cheeks and lips. The more teeth that are missing and not replaced, the less support the structures of the face have and the more aged a person looks. Replacing missing teeth with dentures, as you can see, solves a number of problems.

For more than a century, tooth loss has been successfully addressed with custom denture appliances. Not all dentists have the same level of experience in denture design. Dr. Milligan has served many patients with custom dentures, both full and partial appliances crafted to restore healthy function and a beautiful, youthful appearance.

Partial dentures are commonly used today to fill the space left by one or a few missing teeth. There are several different types of partial dentures available, all of which incorporate innovative design techniques and the highest quality materials for a natural appearance and the most comfortable fit. Many people choose to have missing teeth replaced with a fixed partial, also known as a dental bridge. This appliance is affixed to two healthy teeth by crowns or clasps, and remains in place at all times. Partial dentures may also be removable so that they can be easily cleaned at home or in the dental office.

With various types of denture appliances available, Dr. Milligan helps our patients determine the most suitable treatment to meet their long-term needs. To learn more about denture treatment or our other services, contact our office at .

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