You probably don’t want to lose your teeth to dental decay, but who wants a smile full of ugly bits of metal that are meant to repair the decay instead? Luckily, having cavities doesn’t mean that you have to get metal fillings anymore. Now a dentist in the Normal, IL area can stop your cavities with attractive, tooth-colored fillings that will blend right in with your smile.

Leaving cavities untreated is not advisable because they will eventually work their way deeper into your teeth until they become infected. When this happens, the dentist will have to perform a root canal treatment to save the tooth if possible, and if this doesn’t work, the tooth will need to be extracted.

It is important that you visit the dentist regularly so that he or she can keep track of your dental health. Doing this will enable your dentist to notice a cavity as soon as it starts and treat it before it has ruined your tooth. At Eastland Dental Center, we believe in using the most biocompatible and attractive fillings possible when stopping cavities.

Using tooth-colored fillings rather than traditional metal fillings is beneficial to your smile in many ways. First, there is the obvious benefit of not having metal fillings standing out in your smile. Tooth-colored fillings can be almost perfectly blended with your smile to match your tooth’s natural color so that they will be effectively indiscernible from your natural teeth. The benefits are not purely cosmetic, though. The fillings we use are more durable than ever before, and they stay in place and bond with your teeth better than traditional fillings. Many dentists and patients believe that metal amalgam fillings may not be healthy for people or the environment.

As a result, with tooth-colored fillings being attractive, durable, and safer, we believe this is the best choice for fighting our patients’ cavities. If your smile is beginning to decay, visit our office and find out how the dentist can use tooth-colored fillings to treat your cavities while keeping your smile looking naturally white and beautiful.

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