Many people feel some degree of nervousness about the health of their teeth and gums. Even so, it can be challenging to maintain adequate oral hygiene. Life is busy and caring for our teeth and gums with daily brushing and flossing often tends to be performed absentmindedly. When your goal is to keep teeth and gums in prime condition and avoid the dental problems that occur when bacteria roam freely throughout the mouth, home teeth cleaning becomes a task that requires attention to detail. In our office near Bloomington, IL, we work with each patient to address his or her unique oral health needs, providing guidance on home care.

Bacteria and the root canal

Our teeth are susceptible to the effects of harmful bacteria. We learned as children that we should avoid sugar because it can cause cavities. In fact, sugar simply fuels bacteria, serving as the ideal food source. When fed well on sugar and food debris, bacteria produce toxic waste – acid that sits on teeth and gums, weakening these vital structures. It is this acid that leads to cavities, areas of damage within a tooth.

Xylitol is a sugar that actually tricks the bacteria. The bacteria love Xylitol, but cannot metabolize it, so they die. Xylitol is now packaged in great tasting toothpaste, floss, mouth rinse, chewing gum, and a variety of candies. You simply replace the products you are currently using with the new Xylitol products. This greatly improves the health of your teeth and gums. Dr. Milligan and his staff at Eastland Dental Center are well-trained in the new Xylitol technologies, and will help you enjoy the benefits of Xylitol.

Our teeth have various parts, including the enamel, which is the white shiny hard coating we view as our teeth. Beneath enamel, there is the dentin, a softer tissue, and also the pulp, which resides within the pulp chamber. With the pulp chamber is the root canal, through which the nerve of the root spans. As bacteria eats away at healthy tooth structure, there is a progression towards the inner areas of the tooth. The longer a cavity goes untreated, the closer bacteria move to the pulp chamber of the tooth. When pulp tissue becomes infected by harmful bacteria, root canal therapy is the necessary path towards restoring health and strength to the tooth.

The entire goal of oral hygiene is to minimize the effects of bacteria. Yes, brushing your teeth gives you a bright, shiny smile. Flossing and cleaning the tongue leads to fresh breath. These activities, however, are intended for much more than that, as disease in your mouth often travels through your blood stream and affects the health of your entire body. Dr. Milligan and our skilled hygienist are dedicated to helping you avoid dental problems through preventative care. Contact us today for your dental examination and professional cleaning.

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