You can choose to whiten your teeth with one of the many over-the-counter products on the market, but only tooth whitening in Bloomington, by a professional, will give you the results you want fast and effectively. In fact, tooth whitening is a procedure that is commonly done because it is an easy way of contributing to an individual’s self-confidence in a meaningful way. After all, a bright smile makes a great introduction.

Bleaching refers to a process that uses products that are able to whiten teeth to a level brighter than is naturally possible. In order to qualify as bleach, the product must contain a bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide meet this standard.

Even though the terms are used interchangeably, “whitening” has a different meaning. It refers to restoring teeth to their natural whiteness by cleaning the stains, so the teeth look naturally white once again. Over the years, foods, drinks, smoking, medication, aging, and other assaults on tooth enamel can cause the teeth to appear dingy and stained. Whitening attempts to reverse this damage by returning the teeth to a more youthful, brighter appearance.

When your dentist agrees that whitening is a good option for you, you will be given the information you need to make an informed decision. For instance, you will be shown a tooth whitening shade guide, so you can select the shade that will be most flattering to you. When you allow your dentist to do the work, the results are vastly superior to the over-the-counter products and the cost is almost the same. Best of all you’ll see the difference, immediately.

Your dentist will also discuss the option of providing a take-home whitening kit that you can use, at your convenience, yet still be under the protective guidance of your dental professional. Because carbamide peroxide, a peroxide of a lower concentration than the hydrogen peroxide used by your dentist in the office, is not as concentrated, there is less chance that harm can be done.

If you think that whitening your teeth would be a positive step in the right direction, contact your dentist to talk about tooth whitening in Bloomington. The bright smile you want is just a phone call away.

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