Though most Americans have heard the term gum disease frequently in the past several years, there is still a large problem with this condition in our country. We do not believe this is due to a lack of commitment to oral health. Rather, gum disease may continue to be a problem due to lack of understanding about how to prevent and manage this progressive condition. Gum disease begins so mildly, as a result of natural microorganisms in the mouth, that the condition can be easily missed without careful observation.

Due to the mild nature of early symptoms of gum disease, the best way to confirm a problem, or prevent it to begin with, is to visit your dentist regularly. Dr. Milligan has extensive expertise in the area of gum disease, and carefully evaluates patients during routine visits so that any excess of bacteria can be eliminated and managed on an ongoing basis. When you visit your dentist regularly, you give him the opportunity to become as familiar as possible with your unique dental needs. With this familiarity, we are able to more precisely determine the risk factors for gum disease, and the most suitable treatments to stop the progression of infection. In our office near Normal, IL, we customize care to the individual patient in order to achieve the best results.

In the absence of regular dental examinations, gum disease can progress more easily. Many people explain away symptoms such as bleeding gums or gum recession as brushing too hard or a result of flossing. To be clear, healthy gums will not bleed even if you brush a little aggressively. Bleeding is a sign of infection and inflammation, and should be treated with professional care.

Most people’s lives are incredibly busy. However, taking the time to receive regular preventive dental care means less time and less expense later, should gum disease break down bone tissue or lead to tooth loss. In a few minutes, a few times a year, your gums and teeth receive the precise care needed to sustain oral health.

Professional treatment for gum disease includes regular cleanings with our experienced hygienists, as well as deep cleanings if plaque has built up around teeth or gum tissue. Additionally, gums are protected with:

  • Twice-a day brushing, or brushing after meals
  • Daily flossing
  • Avoidance of tobacco products, as the chemicals break down supportive tissues
  • Ample water consumption versus sugary beverages
  • Consumption of crunchy fruits and vegetables that naturally clean teeth
  • Avoidance of refined carbohydrates and sugary foods that feed oral bacteria

At Eastland Dental Center, our patients benefit from care tailored to their needs. Contact us at (309) 663-4711 to schedule your visit.

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