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Dental Implants in Bloomington, IL – a step by step explanation of the process

Dental Implant Process Step by Step in Bloomington Area

If you are missing teeth, your Bloomington dentist may have recommended dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent tooth restoration option that replaces the missing root, providing a secure replacement that allows you to bite, chew, and speak normally. Dental implants are often thought of as the gold standard in tooth replacement because they prevent the jawbone from deteriorating. Bone deterioration or resorption can lead to sunken facial features, causing an individual to look much older. Dental implants allow individuals to retain natural tooth functionality as well as appear natural. One of the most common questions we get from patients … Continue reading

Dentures, implants, and bridges: tooth replacement options available in Bloomington, IL dental practice

3d render of jaw and implants with dental bridge over white background

Missing and extracted teeth can have a negative impact on your smile and function. As soon as teeth are removed or lost, you should schedule an appointment with Drs. Mike and Marisa Milligan in Bloomington, IL to learn about your tooth replacement options. There are various way in which patients can restore their smile, including the placement of: Full or partial Dentures Dental bridges Dental implants In this article, we will discuss each of these tooth replacement options so you can have a better understanding of the restoration methods available to you. Dentures Dentures  are considered the most economical option … Continue reading

Rediscover your best smile with dental implants in Bloomington, IL

As we go about our lives, our smiles have an enormous impact on our interactions with others. This is true of those whose day is spent in the garden as much as for those in Corporate America. To feel confident with your smile takes just a few particulars, primarily the presence of healthy teeth. Gaps left after the loss of a tooth or teeth not only affect the look of your smile, but your oral health, as well. Today, solutions for missing teeth go beyond the old standard of care, which was replacement with a dental bridge, partial denture, or … Continue reading

The benefits of dental implants for tooth restoration in Bloomington

Everyone hopes that his or her natural teeth will last a lifetime. However, approximately 69 percent of patients between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost one or more teeth. By the time patients turn 74, about 26 percent have lost all of their permanent teeth. While gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss among adults, other common causes include cavities and accidents resulting in patients needing at least one tooth restored. Missing teeth damage the aesthetics of a patient’s smile and his or her oral health. When a restoration is not placed, the remaining teeth … Continue reading

The importance of an implant dentist in Bloomington IL

Missing teeth cause a lot of problems Smiling is a simple pleasure that has a positive effect on you and those around you. However, if you have a gap in your smile from a missing tooth, it is unlikely that you will feel like smiling. Even worse, missing teeth can make talking and eating difficult. Additionally, the remaining teeth can drift into the empty space, causing misalignment and the problems that go with it. Misaligned teeth can increase the risk of periodontal disease because they are more difficult to clean efficiently. Problems with the jaw joints can develop when your … Continue reading

Dental Implants cost Bloomington IL

Titanium isn’t just for the golf course. It turns out; it is used in dental implants as well. Part of the reason is because of a process called osseointegration. This means that the bone and the titanium implant fuse together which makes the implant that much more secure. If you have lost a tooth or more than one, you should consider an implant. Of course, the next natural question concerns what dental implants cost. There are two basic questions when considering the cost of a dental implant. The first has to do with how much it will cost if you … Continue reading

What are Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Dental implants have two main purposes in cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants can be placed and topped with a crown in order to replace a missing tooth, or they can be used in conjunction with dentures in order to help offer additional support and structure for a strong hold. When missing teeth are not replaced, the surrounding teeth may shift and cause further functional and cosmetic problems throughout an individual’s mouth. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants or another alternative, you can help eliminate further costs incurred by additional procedures to reconstruct your smile to what it once was. Dental … Continue reading

Avoid the issues of tooth loss with dental implants from your dentist in the Normal area

One of the goals of your dentist is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. As much as we may try to avoid damage to the teeth and gums, we understand that tooth loss cannot be avoided in every situation. Whether a result of decay, trauma, or gum disease, our focus after tooth loss is to find the most suitable replacement as quickly as possible. Tooth loss is not only a cosmetic problem but also an issue that may pose a threat to oral health. A gap in the smile does not look good and may cause you … Continue reading

The cost of dental implants in Bloomington, IL is an investment in your smile

Confucius say “Good thing no cheap—cheap thing no good.” Yet when your dentist in Bloomington, IL tells you that you should get dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you may be still be put off by the cost of the implants at first. Before you decide to go for a cheaper restoration, though, you should consider that like any worthwhile purchase, dental implants are really a long-term investment in your smile. Here are some reasons implants might be a better investment than many other options. Health benefits First, your smile will usually be at its healthiest and strongest when … Continue reading

Bloomington dentists offer effective treatment for tooth loss with dental implants

Many individuals fear tooth loss because of the impact it has on self-esteem, confidence, nutrition, and potentially overall health and wellness. While tooth loss is very common, affecting more than 30 percent of people between 65 and 74 worldwide, it is not an inevitable result of aging. Some of the reasons for loss of teeth include: Trauma and damage – sports injuries, like being hit in the mouth with a baseball; biting into frozen or hard foods, or using teeth as tools to cut, hold, or loosen non-food items, such as bottle caps Grinding or clenching of teeth – caused … Continue reading

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